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Just as it is for men in the business world, for women in business, life is just as hard and some would say somewhat harder.  Ive launched a new business venture and know exactly how hard it is to get a small business enterprise off the ground. Im a passionate believer in business networking because my business has grown as a result, in fact Ive seen so much power in word of mouth marketing that I know run my own business networking clubs in the area where I live. Exclusive women only business networking groups are becoming more and more common but does it really make sense?  After all the basis of business networking is that you want to convey your business services to fellow networking partners so that they can refer clients to you, so why would you want to cut your audience in half (potentially less than half) by restricting it just to women? The fact is that many women feel more comfortable in an all woman environment and actually get to trust other networking partners much quicker.  Theres evidence to suggest that women network better than men because women focus more on the relationship building whereas men will focus on the end result of getting the referral.  Having both networking partners in line is surely bound to deliver a faster and more powerful result. Whether its politically correct or not to say so, its clear that in some business circles, women are still perceived to be less than equal.  


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